HIPAA Risk Assessment tools were lacking what we needed.
So, we built something simple.

Now, you can use it too... for FREE.



Within the HIPAA compliance requirements there's the Technical Safeguards and its 5 standards, the Physical Safeguards and its 4 standards, and the 9 standards of the Administrative Safeguard. There's Access Control, Audit Control, Integrity questions, Authentication Controls, Transmission security rules, Facility Access questions plus a whole lot more. It all seems overly complex.

We do HIPAA assessments all year long for many many clients.  Most of them are pretty in depth but many clients just want a simple self-assessment.  We needed a simple, accurate way to assess our clients compliance stature against the HIPAA Compliance requirements.

As I see it, here are your HIPAA Compliance options:

  1. You can Do Nothing, perhaps it'll go away

  2. You can figure it out yourself.

  3. You can hire somebody.


  1. Good luck with that :)

  2. Not a bad option, but why? This is free.

  3. Sure, hire us... happy to help if you need it. But, anybody that you hire will have you start with an assessment similar to this one.

Which is exactly why we put this HIPAA Compliance tool out there.

  1. It's FREE

  2. It's accurate (we use it ourselves ALL the time)

  3. We specialize in Security Assessment of all types (not just HIPAA) and we're security experts. We've been doing this for over twenty years and we're pretty good at it. Check out our corporate site here

What's the catch? 

I'd love to say that we're in the business of Information Security just because we're nice guys and we give away all of our tools for free for the betterment of society, however, we do have an ulterior motive.  We want your business... but, only if you need help with your information security initiatives.  We promise that  if you sign up we're not going to spam you everyday asking for your business.  And, if you have additional question or if a basic self-assessment isn't quite getting you where you need to be then contact us.  We can help accelerate your information security results.


Take Action

Ready to take the next step? Just sign up.  And, if you've read all of this and you're feeling a bit overwhelmed then give us a call.  It's totally understandable.  We have HIPAA compliance experts available that can guide you through all of this and get you ready for your audit or other security related requirement.