HIPAA Compliance Self-Assessment Tool Features Overview

The HIPAA Security Assessment tool was created to be simple, accurate, and easy to use. It's more than a HIPAA Checklist.  It's interactive, editable, and your results are easily to report via pdf or xls.

Assessment Dashboard.png

Welcome Dashboard

The welcome dashboard is organized with all 9 key sections of the HIPAA Self-Assessment.  The HIPAA Compliance questions are grouped under their appropriate Safeguards for easy navigation.  Answers are limited to yes or no and all final results can be exported to a PDF or an excel file for easy editing and reporting.

Amanage Assessments.png

Assessment Management

You can create as many assessments as you'd like.  The HIPAA assessment management screen allows you to revisit all of your assessments, rename them, delete them, or even edit them.


Left Hand navigation

The application allows for easy navigation using the left hand navigation bar.  Users can create, view, and edit assessments.  Account owners can create unlimited users, manage user passwords, and perform general assessment management.